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Buy Weeds Online Quebec

Rich in history and culture, Quebec is not only beautiful, it is also a forward thinking province. They are known for selling booze in corner stores and have previously opted to open government-run dispensaries for people to purchase weed when the drug becomes legal this year, with up to 150 more planned over the next two years. That works out to roughly one store per 550,000 people. Ontario, by comparison, is opening 40 stores by next summer, increasing to 80 by 2019, and 150 by 2020.
Since the legalization movement continues to gain momentum, the ability to buy weed online quebec is becoming easier than ever. You don’t need to “know a sketchy guy”; you just need to know which app to install or which site to visit. Gone are the risky days of scouring for black market drug bazaars in the dark web. These days, getting cannabis delivered to your Quebec home is just about as easy as using your favourite online retailer…. We at Canadian Cannabis Club are a perfect example of a place to buy weeds online quebec.order cannabis online in quebec

While there are ways in which you can currently purchase weed online in Quebec, recreational use is officially legally allowed come July 2018. At such time you’ll still need to acquire a cannabis permit to treat the medical condition (or to use recreationally that is valid) which you’re currently suffering from. Are you excited about the governmental policy updates regarding weed use in Quebec? So are we! Were finally seeing unbiased forward progress in legislation. Eventually able to regulate our medical needs in our own way with a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications.
Users will finally have a selection of high quality cannabis at competitive rates with fast, safe, reliable and worry free delivery right to their Quebec doorstep. Even better, technology is in the forefront of the weed revolution, allowing you to skip the lines in the regional dispensaries and get straight to shopping on the net.

Let us take a look at the advantages of purchasing weed online:

1. Wide variety and selection

You have access to hundreds of online stores, shops and dispensaries 24/7 365 days a year. With access to premium products from all around the world, from small batch organic growers to artisanal strains you’ll be bound to find something that suits your fancy. And those hard to find strains? Well, if one dispensary doesn’t have it, a few strokes on the keyboard can get you to a site that does.

2. Speedy, reliable and safe delivery

No more shady delivery packages and services. No longer worry about customs or mail seizing your orders. With legal weed online in Quebec you are ensured speed, accuracy and discretion without the worry of breaking the law. Every order comes with tracking numbers and typical delivery times will range from one to three business days.

3. Browse and Buy!

Would you like to know how to get CBD oil in Canada? Quickly browse photos, videos and customer reviews of the EXACT product you are looking to buy. High definition photos will allow you to see exactly what you’re buying. And with quality assurance on site you’ll know the quality is consistent from one order to the next.

4. Competitive Pricing

An open online market will create a favourable situation for consumers seeking to buy weeds online Quebec. Shops competition for your business will run specials, provide coupons, discounts and establish customer loyalty systems to help you save more and buy more often.


What is the legal age to buy weeds online Quebec?

Similar to the drinking age, the proposed minimum age which you must be in order to possess, purchase and/or consume weed is 18.

Who will sell legal weed online?

The Quebec government said the new agency that will handle the sale of legalized marijuana is the Société Québécoise du cannabis (SQC). The whole operation will be overseen by the Quebec liquor board, the SAQ.

Properly licensed and approved websites and businesses will be allowed to establish an online presence (i.e. website or app) thru or on which they will sell legal weed online to residents of Quebec.

Where will you be able to “light up”?

Rules regulating the use of weed in public will be similar to those put in place for tobacco. So while smoking in your home is allowed, there will be some restrictions in public. For example, use will be prohibited on university, hospital and social service properties. Possession of weed on the property of elementary schools or daycare facilities will also be expressly prohibited.

You bought it online, but will you be allowed to grow your own at home?

Growing for home or personal use will have its own set of regulations that are ever evolving. Due to the complexity of such issues we suggest you consult proper legal counsel prior to begging any “at home” grow operations either for personal or commercial purposes.

What about smoking and driving?

As with alcohol and other substance abuse, there will be a zero tolerance law in place for driving while under the influence of weed. Those caught in such circumstances will have their license suspended on the spot for a ninety day period and will be taxed a large fine.

What kind of costs can I expect when buying weed online?

Experts have argued that if you buy weeds online quebec, a price point of $7-$10 per gram is acceptable.

Delivery Requirements

Quebec legislation will dictate that any postal workers for the Canada Post verify the identification of the customer to ensure they are of legal age required to make a purchase.

The State of the Market:

With online weed sales in Quebec and Canada as a whole expected to skyrocket with upcoming legalization, all eyes are on the CA weed economy. As a comparative example, N. American sales of weed (including legal and illegal) reached over $53 billion in 2016 alone with upwards of $100 billion worldwide contributing to medical weed sales.

According to the CA revenue agency (CRA) the average Quebec weed patient spends over $2700 CAD and by the end of 2018 there will be over 200,000 residents using medical weed alone, equating to over $351 million in sales…which is considered to be a low estimate.

While no one knows what the future holds, one thing is certain, the future of online weed in Quebec and Canada is as bright as the tip of your blunt.

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