///Farm & Florist THC Infused Honey

Farm & Florist THC Infused Honey


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3 in stock

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Honey is one of nature’s most potent natural sweeteners; infused honey is even more potent, so your search for a treat both sweet and stimulating ends here. This Chilliwackian  honey is unpasteurized, meaning its most highly regarded properties have not been interfered with. For the health conscious (and the bees know who you are) honey’s immunomodulatory (we don’t know what that means, either, but it sounds impressive) property helps heal wounds. If you are lucky enough to be unwounded by Life, add it to just about anything: tea, coffee, hot lemon drinks when you have a cold, baked goods, smoothies.  But don’t squander it. Did you know it takes twelve bees their whole lifetime to produce one teaspoon of honey?


Per Bottle: 270mg THC

Per Teaspoon: 9mg THC


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