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Full Spectrum CBD OIL


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CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is one of the most sought after Cannabis products on the market because of its versatility and no psychoactive effect. Being one of the most commonly consumed Cannabinoids, CBD has many medicinal purposes including relief from neuropathic pain and inflammation. Many people prefer CBD over THC due to the fact that it simply will not get you high and you will reap many health benefits. Dosages vary by person, but a good rule of thumb for people first trying this product is to take 20 mgs per day for 25 days. Once you have completed the 25 days, you may lower your dose to 5-20 mg per day depending on personal preference and on how your body processes CBD. I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, arthritic pain, cancer, skin conditions, epilepsy, mild pain, or for general health maintenance.


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