///Jelly Bombs

Jelly Bombs


80 mg THC

Flavours: Sativa: Apple, Cherry, Mango, Orange

Indica: Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry

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Jelly Bombs are one of our most sought after products. The gummies cut easily into 8 pieces for accurate 10mg doses. Wait 60 minutes for the full effect before you consider taking a second dose.
The sativa candies are generally used for ailments like adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, and inflammatory issues. Sativa is also known for its creativity inspiring properties. Indica candies induce relaxation, sleep, and appetite. You may also want to try the indica candies if you are suffering from pain, especially at night.

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hybrid-Cherry, Indica- Black Cherry, Indica- Raspberry, Sativa- Apple, Sativa- Cherry, Sativa- Mango, Sativa-Orange


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