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Sour Teddies


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“Every Teddy Bear who’s been good, is sure of a treat today.” Remember when Teddy Bear’s Picnic was the song you sang on your way to the corner store with the $100 bill you’d stolen from your dad’s wallet to buy enough Sour Teddies to start your own Sour Teddy trafficking ring in Grade Two? Those were the days, eh? Like fuzzy Peaches only shaped like colourful little Teddy Bears— these Sour Teddies for the adult child in all of us are the perfect snack to take with you — when you go gaily gadding about. Or you just stay home. Made with 100 MG of lab certified THC distillate (the cleanest, strongest oil on the market) equalling 10 MG per Bear.  Start with Teddy’s head and work your way down his body until — “you never have any more cares.”



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