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Mainly known as an hardy outdoor strain originating from Texada Island in the northern Georgia Strait, off Vancouver Island’s east coast, Texada Timewarp is an iconic descendant of the Canadian Landrace hybrid (a Landrace is a pure cannabis strain, cultivated in its natural environment, which has never been crossbred with another variety) that is mostly Sativa. Its big lemony buds are a British Columbian West Coast legend and have rocked the province’s Gulf Islands for the last 30 years.

Often tasting of lemons with a slight hint of pine, Timewarp instils a light calming body buzz and a bright cerebral uplifting high. Suitable for daytime use as most users do not end up feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Timewarp has been widely praised for its pain-relieving qualities and well as its potent intoxicating effects. Its uplifting nature may help stave off the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

TEXADA TIMEWARP DEFINITION: “Thoughts become meaningless, because as soon as a thought appears in your head, it is forgotten, and as a by product of this, time as we know it, comes to a complete stop on the edge of the universe.”

STRAIN:  70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid
LINEAGE: clone only; genetics unknown
AROMA: Piney
TASTE: Sweet-tasting; lemony, with a hint of pine
EFFECTS: Calming body buzz, Bright cerebral uplifting high
NEGATIVES: Cotton mouth; may cause mild paranoia at higher doses
MEDICAL USES: Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, ADD/ADHD, Headaches
RECOMMENDED FOR: Beginner users or those looking for a light stone; for those seeking to reduce minor pain conditions and those seeking help with some of the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and stress.
BEST TIME OF DAY FOR USAGE: Suitable for daytime use as most users do not end up feeling lethargic or unmotivated.







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